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We have many Levels of Service To Fit Your Needs

Simply put, Level of Service refers to how quickly you need your work delivered. Generally speaking, "ASAP" is the quickest service available. Some of the BIG "overnight" companies are charging $75.00 or more to overnight a legal size envelope weighing just a few ounces! Metro 2 Metro can do local "ASAP" or "immediates" right now, not tomorrow, for about the same price AND up to 400lbs! This means no waiting and you still get delivery confirmation! If you are more flexible with the time frame, you may opt for "schedule a time" or anything in between. 

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Immediate (ASAP)

The quickest delivery service available. You may even qualify for flat rate pricing in the greater Cincinnati area!

End of Day (EOD)

This is a bit more relaxed. The goal is getting to you or your client before the end of the work day. This is for local deliveries only and must be picked up with a predetermined cut-off time.


Local Overnight

A great option for local, overnight delivery considering the national overnight companies charge $75+ for an overnight envelope!

Scheduled Delivery

Have a specific time for your delivery? Let's schedule that right now. Click the Chat button or the Get Started button.


 Overnight Private Box

A great option for local, overnight delivery when you have an entire office that may have multiple overnights required. Save time and money. Have an M2M driver pickup all of your overnights at once. Add PO pick up option! We supply and install the M2M overnight box for free!


Have a specific delivery need? That's where we shine! We can custom build a delivery solution, tailor-made just for you. We can even assign a driver to your company for any daily transport needs including interoffice mail.

We have so many more delivery options than we can list here, such as medical transport, junk car removal, interoffice mail, scheduled postal mail picks/drops, recyclables, payroll, office supplies, etc. We can build a delivery system for just about any delivery need.

Don't know how to get started? Just fill in the boxes below. There is no obligation. We'll walk you through every step of the way. Consider it as our first delivery for you.  It's free! Let's go!

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